Radically Rooted

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    Tanya Jarvik, consultant (bio)

I am a relationship radical who believes in a DIY approach: do it yourselves. I know from many years of experience that consciously created, customized relationships are extremely rewarding – but they can also be extremely challenging! You might be looking for love and intimacy that isn’t “one size fits all.” Perhaps you are re-evaluating an existing relationship or an approach to intimacy that is no longer working for you. Or maybe you are simply seeking support as you learn more about yourself and what you want from your relationships. Wherever you are in your process, I can help you:

* build stronger, more resilient connections

* become less possessive and more cooperative, without sacrificing your emotional well-being or your autonomy

* understand and take responsibility for your own emotions

* effectively communicate your needs and wants

* navigate the sometimes confusing discourse on alternative relationship choices, including open marriage, polyamory, swinging, ethical non-monogamy, relationship anarchy, and being “monogamish”

* find creative solutions to incompatibilities between you and your partner(s)

* construct a customized relationship model that works well for you and those close to you

* embrace the inevitable changes that occur in all relationships, and make any necessary transitions with courage and grace

* create sustainable relationship networks based on consent rather than coercion