Coming Out as Polyamorous

Although it’s wise to keep the details of your private life under wraps in certain situations, it can be tough to feel like you have to keep secrets from important people in your life – especially when those secrets are other important people in your life!

If your closet has become more claustrophobic than comfortable, this class is for you. When do you tell someone about your unconventional approach to relationships, your other partner(s), or your scandalous lifestyle? How do you tell them? Are there people you shouldn’t tell? What do you do if your parents/kids/neighbors/colleagues/friends freak out? How dangerous is social stigma to you, in your specific circumstances, anyway? Do the benefits of being open – about being open – outweigh the risks? We’ll address these questions, and more, as part of our exploration of what it means to be authentic and transparent in a particularly challenging relationship: our relationship with mainstream society, which still disapproves of any deviation from the monogamous norm.


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