New Class: Off-the-Escalator Transitions

You’re probably familiar with the “escalator” model of relationships, in which you are either moving “up” (from casual dating, to exclusive dating, to committed and cohabiting) or “down” (from conflict and counseling, to taking a break, to permanently separating). But this model tends not to work well for folks in open relationships – or anyone with a more DIY approach. What if you want to move from being nesting partners to being in a long-distance open relationship? What if you want to move from being lovers to being platonic roommates? What if you’re going from being part of a throuple to being part of a quad? There are many relationship transitions that don’t happen on the escalator, and it’s important to know what you can reasonably expect to happen when you make these kinds of changes.

If you are interested in learning about off-the-escalator ways to move through relationship design space, this class is for you. We will talk about some of the more common transitions encountered in open relationships. We’ll discuss ways to deepen or lighten, broaden or narrow, lean in or lean out – and, in the process, how to gracefully sidestep conventional expectations about the way relationship transitions are “supposed” to go.



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