Practical Tips for Dealing with Jealousy

Part 1: Jealousy from the Inside (2 hour class)

If you are currently struggling with jealousy, or if you are more prone to experiencing jealousy than you think you ought to be, this workshop is for you. Jealousy has developed a bad reputation in polyamorous circles, but it is a perfectly normal human response, and it can be a great teacher. In this class, we’ll learn how to develop a better relationship with the various emotions that make up the core of the jealous response. In addition to discussing practical strategies for engaging with jealousy in more productive ways, we’ll do a deeper dive, tackling some of the unhelpful personal beliefs and societal narratives that may be causing unnecessary suffering in our open relationships.

Part 2: Jealousy from the Outside (2 hour class)

If you have a partner or metamour who is currently struggling with jealousy, or if you are typically the less-jealous person in your relationships, this workshop is for you. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to support a partner who is in a difficult emotional space, and jealousy can be particularly treacherous territory. In this class, we’ll discuss how to show up for loved ones who are dealing with jealousy without sacrificing our own autonomy. We’ll also cover prevention, triage, and calming strategies that can help return our relationships to equilibrium.

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